Working together on DTBF is not easy. My face kinda shows that here… since the first day I danced in prison I would come home and share all the magical moments with my partner Vadim. He would cry and we would daydream about one day filming our trainings. Now three years later we are trying to capture those moments on film and it is filled with obstacles, expenses and down to the wire scheduling. Yet…I want to share just how emotionally awake and alive these women are – I want to show in real time what Gregory Boyle means by, “You can’t demonize someone you know.” I want to show the humanity, rawness and honesty we keep encountering in the most dismal of circumstances.

Sometimes I think “Who am I kidding – filming in prison – what could be more riddled with red tape?!” Sometimes I want to give up. And sometimes I feel more stressed out here in the “free” world than I do inside of prison. The metaphors and lessons are endless. Stay tuned as we edit these remarkable women’s interviews