In the Fall of 2015, D2BF applied for our first grant. In addition to our weekly classes, we asked for $5,000 to support our teacher training program at the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility. Our goal is to teach five inmates how to teach each other (Lucy’s material) while they finish their sentences, giving them leadership skills for when they leave prison. The response to our grant was vague and not informative:

“Unfortunately, we were unable to fund your request this year.  We encourage you to consider applying again in 2016.  Please keep in mind that our committees look closely at the purpose of the grant request.  We look at your project either as a new project or an ongoing project our organization will be funding or helping to fund.”

This comment did not help us learn how we can apply for our next grant with new knowledge and awareness of what a board of directors are looking for when giving out grants.

We shall prevail thanks to all of you! These are the ups and downs of starting up such an unknown venture. We will keep learning and growing! We are planning on applying for our next grant with the Chinook Fund. The Chinook Fund is a local organization that supports nonprofits in the Denver area that are constituent led – meaning, organizations that incorporate the recipients of the population they are trying to assist; we are not just a bunch of white, wealthy people making decisions for minority folks with little knowledge of what is actually beneficial.

La Vista prison

We are confident that D2BF is a good match for such funding. In the meantime, D2BF is growing and thriving because of the Alchemy community. From fundraisers, to dancing volunteers and private donations, we are able to expand into Pueblo (La Vista Women’s Correctional Facility) and develop our teacher training program in Denver.

Stay tuned for our article in the Daily Camera and please join us for our Fundraiser D2BF class on Thanksgiving morning at 10a at Alchemy! Co-taught by Misa, Maria and Lucy and one Burlesque song taught by Jenna! All proceeds go to D2BF – $15 cash or check to D2BF!

Thank you again for all of your support!