Four of Dance 2B Free’s Teacher-Training graduates have been released from prison and are now dancing in their half-way houses in Boulder and Littleton, CO. Cassy Bustos who was released four months ago recently joined and led our Flash Mob at the Boulder Theater where Matisyahu performed, “One Day” – our anthem song!

We met with Matisyahu behind the Boulder Theater minutes before he went on stage. He kindly listened to her story.

Since Cassy led the mob she has shared her story which started our new blog series: Life After Prison

Inmate to Amazing – I remain the sky

by Cassy Bustos

“The opening line of Matisyahu’s “One Day” is filled with irony and beauty considering where I was when I was introduced to the song.  I couldn’t exactly lay under the moon as I was in a prison cell. However,  I definitely could thank God I was breathing!  “And I pray don’t take me soon cause I am here for a reason” was the epitome of where my new found appreciation in life had taken me.  I had struggled with addiction for many years prior to my incarceration. I could have cared less if I lived or died. Even to the extent of a suicide attempt just a few years prior. Although after losing everything, except my family, I was faced with a fresh out look on life itself.  I was finally glad to be alive! A person could never imagine that such beauty and acceptance could come from such a rigid and hostile environment.  “Sometimes in my tears I drown,  but i never let it get me down” really fed what I was learning in treatment while in prison. I had been use to numbing ALL emotions with substances. I didn’t want to feel the “bad” and considering a person cannot selectively numb, I really felt nothing. So now I have an understanding that tears are ok.  Sadness, guilt, anxiety, and all the rest are a “normal” part of life. They come and go like clouds and to know that I would remain the sky was a powerful motivation. “One Day” is perfect for women in prison because “I know some day it will all turn around” is the absolute truth for those willing to grasp and accept the new lease on life being handed out, in DOC, on a daily basis.”