Hello DTBF Supporters,

What a whirlwind this has been! We hope you and your family are safe during such a scary and uncertain time.

Like most of the world, DTBF is trying to adapt to this pandemic. Last Saturday, we virtually danced with our incarcerated students from their cells. For security reasons we could not see them — but we danced together in real time. From her little Zoom window, Cassy, our ambassador/DTBF grad taught a song and shared some wisdom to lift their spirits.

Although we can’t see the women, know that when you dance with us – you are dancing with our women – in unison, we are dancing for hope, compassion and healing. Free Zoom class info HERE for our weekly classes.


Can you imagine a more important time to move?

We are all getting a glimpse of what confinement feels like – and that glimpse barely touches the reality of the loss of control you feel in prison. This is a traumatizing time for all of us – but we have a certain amount of control over our lives that imprisoned people don’t.

In order to heal trauma we need to feel in control of our bodies – and that is exactly what dancing provides – a feeling of empowerment in a disempowering time.

During our first live streamed class with our students in prison, my sister said she teared up during a few of the songs and when I called home later that night my mother could hear the difference in my voice. I can only imagine what our incarcerated women will feel when we offer more live streamed classes.

We are now offering our first virtual teacher training in May of 2020 at The Nebraska Correctional Center for Women. We hope to offer more virtual trainings and classes in all of our facilities — as soon as possible!

Thank you to those who have donated and bought our online classes. Your dancing keeps our women dancing!

Lucy Wallace, MA