Lucy Wallace, MA, Founder

Since Lucy was 8 years old, she has been dancing. In 2010 she bought a Boulder based dance studio after receiving her master’s degree in Psychology. Her psychology background led to the birth of Dance To Be Free due to the therapeutic and cathartic quality of her teaching style.

As one student shared:

“Wallace is a gifted and compassionate teacher whose style is vocal and impassioned, raunchy and raw, while simultaneously elegant and fluid. To be in one of her classes (I have attended classes at the studio) is to be both vulnerable and strong, to have fun and push oneself physically, to feel what one feels, and to move about it. Imagine how powerful that could be for incarcerated women.” Jane Perle

Lucy has been invited to speak at several speaking engagements including Emerging Women and the first ever live streamed Tedx Talk at the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women. Her work is spreading and catching on throughout the prison industrial complex.

Ramona Clark, Operations Manager

Ramona received her BFA from the University of Colorado.  After moving to Washington State, she worked in stained glass then as a glassblower in Seattle from 1988 to 1994.

Because she missed Colorado, she moved back and became a farm manager for Burke Organic Farm and served as the President of the Board for the Boulder County Farmers’ Market for 2 years. 

In 1998 Ramona founded the nonprofit, Growing Gardens, with its mission  to create community through sustainable urban agriculture.  She served as its Executive Director for 15 years   During this time, she also served as President of the Food and Agricultural Policy Board in Boulder County for 3 years.

In 2016, she became the Executive Director for the Sheila Fortune Foundation, a nonprofit that gives to organizations supporting at risk youth through the arts.

Ramona is currently retired and is passionate about bringing her skills to support and develop the tremendous potential and gift to the incarcerated that Dance To Be Free represents.

Demetrius Gatson, Dance Instructor

Demetrius taught DTBF curriculum at Nebraska Correctional Center for Women for 2 years.  Released from prison in 2018 she has been active in her community, teaching dance at her church and participated in a performance with ReEntry Dance collaborative in Boulder Colorado.  She is currently a ReEntry Specialist. As a traveling Instructor, she has taught DTBF curriculum in Nebraska and Florida.

Misa Terral, Program Instructor

Misa Terral joins the Dance To Be Free team as a Program Instructor. She is honored to carry the teaching torch with Lucy in taking DTBF to more women in prisons around the U.S.. Grateful for how dancing transformed and healed her own life, Misa became a certified SoulSweat™ instructor in 2015 after dancing with Lucy since 2012. After moving to Asheville, NC in 2018, Misa founded Soulpower Dance™, teaching and empowering individuals to reveal their most authentic selves by connecting body, heart and spirit through the healing power of dance.

As a Certified Death Doula and a licensed Occupational Therapist, Misa brings compassion, presence, and experience working with groups, individuals and families through intense emotions and difficult life transitions. Her spirituality and connection to Earth medicine brings joy, aliveness, depth and potency to her teaching style.

Katherine Shoulders, MS, Southern Regional Director

Katherine has been the Southern Regional Program Director for Dance To Be Free, since 2016. She brings 30 plus years in the health and fitness field to our mission. She has worked closely with the Arkansas Department of Corrections on wellness program design and implementation. Offering workshops at the Arkansas Department of Corrections training academy and at various facilities, she has experienced first hand the unique challenges and opportunities present in the world of corrections. Katherine also leads our students in instruction on strengthening the back, improving posture and the benefits of self regulation through breathing exercises.The Virginia Department of Corrections featured Shoulders as a presenter in a recent Department Heads Conference.  

Chloe Weber BA, Program Assistant

In 2018, Chloe started working for DTBF as an intern during her last year of her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. In 2019, Chloe transitioned to the staff position of Program Assistant. She assists DTBF in teacher trainings across the United States and plays an integral role in supporting day-to-day operational tasks, DVD production, research, fundraising and grant writing. Her role currently partners operational tasks with capacity.

Rachelle Reichley, Board President

A West Virginia native, Rachelle considers herself a little bit country and a little bit Rock and Roll. Growing up in a small town she learned the importance of family, friends, and community. She’s a graduate of West Virginia University and admits that she still tears up every time she hears “Country Roads Take Me Home.”

Her twenty-plus years experience in the service industry ignited her passion for taking care of people and she is a certified “Calling in the One” coach and has founded several successful businesses. Currently, she is a REALTOR® with Live Urban Real Estate in Denver, CO where she loves empowering people through the real estate process.

Dance has been a huge part of her healing journey in her own life and she’s thrilled to be a part of Dance to be Free.

Kristin Quigley, Board Treasurer

Kristin received her Bachelor’s degree in Economics at the University of Colorado, Boulder.  She currently serves as the Director of Revenue and Trade Accounting at PanTheryx a Natural Pharmaceuticals company in Boulder.  Kristin has two very active teen daughters, Clare and Addi. Kristin also grew up in Boulder and enjoys raising her girls in such a wonderful community. Kristin’s mother is a native of Rekjavik Iceland and moved to Boulder in the mid-Seventies to work with Josie Heath in developing Boulder Community Corrections, Boulder’s alternative sentencing program. Social justice and therapy based rehabilitation have long been a part of Kristin’s interest and concern. Whenever she is feeling unmotivated to move or get to a class, Kristin thinks of the women behind bars and surrenders in gratitude for having freedom and choices.  

Lois Shannon, Board Secretary

Lois is the founder of (TWN) a space of authentic connection where women reclaim their worth and ignite a passion for change. She has spent the last several years on an intensive path of self exploration, training to facilitate Trauma Constellations in a year long program in London, England and is a UCLA certified Mindfulness Facilitator. Lois is experienced in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, Somatic work, Five Rhythm Dancing and numerous other approaches to self-awareness.

Lois spent the last 19 years in Europe, originally sent there as a Director in Sales and Marketing for Apple Computer in Paris in 1995. She was subsequently a Partner at Russell Reynolds Associates in London, an executive search firm where she established and ran their Internet practice. She was in the Wall Street Journal in 1999 as one of the top 30 Business Women in Europe and she and her husband, Tom Virden, were in the WSJ in 2000, as the Internet Couple of Europe. Before leaving the U.S., Lois was with Apple Computer in Cupertino and prior to that was a Consultant at Bain and Company in Boston, MA. Lois is an intrepid explorer having traveled extensively, covering all continents. She and her family (three teenage children) recently moved to Boulder in August 2014. Lois holds a B.S. degree in French and Economics from Duke University.

Jen Stanzel, Board Member

Jen is excited to join the Dance to Be Free Board of Directors. She began dancing with Lucy Wallace in 2013 and completed the Soul Sweat Teacher training with Lucy to deepen her personal journey guided by the power of dance. She is looking forward to further expanding the power of movement to incarcerated women through Dance to Be Free.
Jen grew up in Nebraska and attended Des Moines University where she earned her BS in Medicine and has been a practicing Physician Assistant for 25 years. She and her family made their way to Boulder in 2006, by way of Seattle. She and her husband, Steve, have 3 children and enjoy traveling, camping, and playing board games!

Jenna Buffaloe, Board Member

Jenna is a speaker, workshop leader, and coach who works with companies and individuals on the Human Dimension of Business to leverage great results. She began her career as a lawyer working as a public defender in Seattle.  Though she left law to pursue a career in psychology and leadership development, she has retained her passion for for criminal justice, healing trauma, and dance. Jenna holds a B.A. from Barnard College, Columbia University, a J.D. with honors from Harvard Law School, and a Master’s in Counseling (Jungian) Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. She trained to be a coach at Newfield Network, and sits on the board of Emerging Women Live. Outside of work, she enjoys life in Boulder, Colorado, a rigorous yoga practice, and time with her ten-year-old daughter, Serafina.

Jim Guggenhime, Board Member

Jim received his degree in Sociology from the University of Colorado. He was Director of the School Aged Learning Program at the Family Learning Center, a nonprofit in Boulder, and has served on the board of the nonprofit, Growing Gardens. He was instrumental in establishing the Cultiva! Youth Project. He is currently involved in real estate development in the Boulder/ Longmont area.

Jill Emich, Board Member

Jill has owned and run restaurants and gathering places in Boulder, Colorado for 20+ years, most currently Shine Restaurant & Potion Bar. Jill is also the founder of Shine Potions an herbal and energetic beverage company that nourishes from the inside out and invites you to tap into the Magic within. She is a dance instructor and a coach in Body Centered Transformation guiding participants to have full access to their emotional experience and expression. Through her endeavors she has always enjoyed bringing people together and building community. Her mission and purpose in life is to continually encourage people to explore and dig deeper into their personal beings, share their gifts and passions and SHINE from the heart.

Alissa Peterson, Board Member

Alissa joined DTBF’s board in 2018 as a repeating donor, local dancer and supporter with previous board experience as she sat on the Board of the Southern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault. After earning a B.A. degree in Literature and History from Colorado State University, Alissa entered her initial career as an Executive Recruiter in San Jose, California.  She established a reputation as a top recruiter before moving to Tucson, Arizona, to join the field of real estate.

As a top Realtor in Arizona for national leader Coldwell Banker, Alissa also took time to marry and launch her career as a mother of two children.  Her current endeavors include assisting with forwarding the efforts of Waldorf Schools and creating global citizens of her two children who are currently age 6 and 4.
Additionally, Alissa is a certified yoga instructor and has trained at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Western Massachusetts.
Alissa has served on numerous boards in addition to CommonWell Institute International, Inc. Notable are the Southern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault and Aurora Foundation, Inc., in addition to chairing committees for fundraising initiatives for SACASA and Waldorf.

Angi Moyer, Nonprofit/Philanthropic Counsel

Angi joined Dance To Be Free in April 2019. As part of the Dance To Be Free’s team, she provides strategies and a sounding board to inspire opening doors to new ideas and conversations that strengthen existing operations, cultivate new partnerships and expand donor relationships. This capacity building partnership will assist Dance To Be Free in reaching ambitious goals with a long lasting social impact.

With over 25 years of professional experience working for and with a large scope of non-profit organizations nationally, Angi brings a depth of experience in nonprofit and philanthropic management. Her experience as a direct service provider and executive leader within non-profit organizations, as a board member, and as a capital campaign consult with organizations seeking to raise between $1 million to $10 million, allows her to see projects and challenges from all vantage points.

Prior to consulting, Angi’s professional career and volunteer work centered around working with and advocating for individuals facing traumatic experiences. The mission and vision of Dance To Be Free has reignited her passion and commitment to focus on serving those affected by life’s trauma.



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