We had our best day yet in prison on Sunday, November 15th as the Daily Camera was given permission to join us at The Denver Women’s Correctional Facility! This is a huge milestone in the often convoluted world of prison protocol.

The staff greeted us at the door, the inmates were helping with the process of releases being signed and everyone was in a great mood. The lieutenants, inmates and correctional officers agreed to being interviewed, photographed and filmed. They shared how much this program matters to them, how their social dynamics have shifted along with their stress being reduced.

After being asked, “Why dance in prison?” I have been reading about the power of synchronized dance movements. There is now scientific research on the benefits of dancing in community which feels aligned with Dance 2B Free’s mission:

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I’ve often said, I feel like an undercover therapist when dancing with these women serving a variety of sentences. When we punch to Eminem, kick to Ugress or arch to Adele, we are inviting the students to sink into their bodies. Statistically speaking, most of the women at DWCF and many women’s prisons, have endured some sort of sexual or violent trauma; their bodies have been wisely avoided. When they take the brave step to simply attend a D2BF class, they are no longer helpless, which is perhaps how they felt in their past. They are finally the authority of their body. Within that authority comes the ability to withstand pain, which will increase their capacity for difficult emotions and sensations in general. They are empowered as they move together in unison!

Hope to see you on Thanksgiving for our annual, charity class at Alchemy of Movement! 11/26 at 10a – co-taught by Lucy, Maria and Misa $15 cash or check to D2BF!

Stay tuned for the Daily Camera’s article in late November!